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Cattail Ashiatsu Massage

Receive $10 off your first session!

(Valid for a limited time only, not combinable with any other offers or discounts.)

In addition, I have a no hidden fees belief. This means that I do not ask for or expect any gratuities or tips and my prices reflect this accordingly. This is so all you have to worry about when you or your loved ones have a session is showing up and relaxing. 


What is Ashiatsu?

     Ashiatsu is great for those who love deep tissue work although dislike the pointedness often experienced from the use of elbows and forearms. This type of massage is preformed on a massage table, positioned below ceiling mounted bars the therapist holds onto for balance and control. Then therapists use their bare feet to deliver broad, deep strokes using their bodyweight for a depth of massage not possible using hands alone. 

A few benefits of this type of massage:

*Deep tissue without discomfort

*Elongates muscles

*Frees up bundled nerves

*Improves posture and decreases pain


Cattail Ashiatsu Massage is co-located with Chiropractic Center of Longmont, at 1950 Terry St. Longmont, CO 80501

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