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Important Announcement:

Cattail Ashiastsu Massage will be officially open for non - ashiatsu massage, cupping, and hot stones starting July 17th. There may be an opportunity to schedule as soon as July 3rd so if this interests you, please reach out via email or text message so that I may add you to a notification list.

At this time, ashiatsu massage will still not be offered until further notice although I plan to be able to offer this modality again starting early September. 

Thank you for your patience and support during my recovery process. Both of my surgeries went as planned and I am doing well on my recovery journey.

Cattail Ashiatsu Massage

Receive $10 off your first session!

(Valid for a limited time only, not combinable with any other offers or discounts.)

In addition, I have a no hidden fees belief. This means that I do not ask for or expect any gratuities or tips and my prices reflect this accordingly. This is so all you have to worry about when you or your loved ones have a session is showing up and relaxing. 

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